DRILL is a national leader in youth dance, dedicated to fostering the growth of contemporary dance in Tasmania. Based in Hobart, we connect young Tasmanians with inspiring professional artists, to create ambitious dance works that unite and strengthen our community.

We excite our audiences by challenging the ways we think about dance and what dance can be. DRILL is known for its site-specific work, which activates and enlivens public spaces, and defies traditional and passive forms of viewership. We create unpredictable, immersive experiences that remove barriers and reset the permissions for audiences attending, enjoying and investing in dance. 

Young people can engage with DRILL from as young as nine years old, for as long as a few days, to many years. Our dancers benefit from a range of age-appropriate opportunities that build their skills and experience, and foster a life-long love of art and art-making. DRILL also provides the necessary support for our local emerging artists to go on to tertiary training and careers in dance.

Through DRILL, young people do more than just learn dance technique and perform choreography. We empower the next generation of leaders, thinkers, nurturers and change-makers. Our works encourage young people to tell their stories, share their values, and voice their thoughts through performance and physical expression.

Engaging young people as valued co-creators of our work means they develop confidence in themselves and their abilities, greater empathy through working with diverse groups of people, and valuable life skills such as self-discipline and critical thinking. Giving them space and opportunities to take ownership of creative projects motivates them to engage and deeply invest in what they are doing.  

DRILL activities bring young people together to form a tight-knit community of like-minded peers, and connects them with greater communities of intergenerational, transcultural, and radically diverse people. Brought together by a love of dance and performance, participants share stories and experiences with people they would never usually meet, and in places they would never go, fostering unity, tolerance, and aspiration. Through our projects, young people work with inspiring role models, make new friends, and find a safe space to in which to explore their identity.

Collaboration is at the core of our programming, and DRILL works with a number of partners to enhance our work, and connect young people with other venues, organisations, schools and projects. Our clearly defined pedagogy allows for rich cross-pollination between dance and important contemporary issues and ideas.

We believe that all young people have a right to participate in accessible experiences of artistic expression. DRILL’s focus, particularly within our Education Programs, is on creating ways for young people to engage with dance that remove many of the barriers that families face.


A youth dance company is very different model to a dance school. As a company, DRILL forms an ensemble of diverse young movers to collaboratively create original dance works.

This means you are working alongside dancers of different ages, skill levels, experiences and backgrounds and are actively contributing your ideas, choreography and interests when the works are choreographed. Instead of simply learning steps and routines, company choreographers value your artistic opinion and expression and will utilise your strengths as a young dancer and/or choreographer.

A company is project based, meaning we don't rehearse all year round, but rather for selected development, rehearsal and performance periods for each work.

The works that are made artistically explore a concept and are presented as a season in a theatre (or sometimes are site-specific in non-traditional venues) just like professional shows you may have seen. The company's works are not competitive - they are not competition pieces, or even presented as a part of competitions or events. Full length works go for 45 minutes to 1 hour.

The creative and rehearsal processes are just as important as the final performance and DRILL values the experience and skills you learn along the way as well as making sure you connect to the work.

A youth dance company isn't just about running weekly classes like a dance school, although we do offer free technique classes for company members. You are also encouraged to take up as many opportunities as possible, like studying dance at school or taking regular class at a dance school to improve technique. Being a part of a company will give you different experiences.


Any young person who is interested in dance can be a part of DRILL projects.

DRILL works with a diverse range of young movers that form the ensemble of company members. They are from different schools, dance schools and areas of Hobart, are different ages, have a huge range of difference dance experience and are motivated to dance for different reasons.

DRILL isn't just for the most experienced or talented dancers. In fact, you don't even have to go to a dance school or have done dancing before to be a part of DRILL.

If you're an experienced and trained dancer, you will find an opportunity to challenge yourself, extend your technique, build professional networks as well as learn about the craft of choreography and performance making.

If you not as experienced, you will find a supportive platform to begin or continue your dance journey, learning about dance technique as well as how to express yourself. You'll also find that you're voice and contribution equally as valued.

DRILL also employs professional choreographers, dancers and designers from around the country to work with the company members.


DRILL primarily teaches and creates contemporary dance, but it may not be the contemporary that you know or are used to. Contemporary dance is such a huge and varied genre that can be fed by many other styles and can look completely different every time.

DRILL is not the kind of contemporary with flowing white dresses, lyrical music and high legs.

We create gritty, physical works that reflect current youth culture. Alongside you we fuse contemporary, street styles (hip-hop, b-boying, locking), ballet, acrobatics as well as text and voice. Every work is new, every work is different - it always depends on you!


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