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Joshua Lowe
Angela Barnard
Liesel Zink (Tasdance)

Ayame Ochi, Benjamin Allen, Chelsea King, Dayna Tyler, Erica Campbell-Graham, Gabrielle Andolfatto, Gracie-Lee Thorpe, Sarah Andrewarthur, Sophia Matelli, Tiarna Bakowski, Zac van Tienen & Zoe Chilcott.

AUGUST 1ST, 2015.

All Your Worth was a collaborative work by DRILL choreographers Joshua Lowe and Angela Barnard, and Liesel Zink from Tasdance.

All Your Worth was a response to the Federal Government and Minster Brandis’ decision to cut funding from The Australia Council for the Arts, putting all independent artists and small and medium arts organisations, such as DRILL and Tasdance, at risk. The Minister moved this funding to the newly formed National Program for Excellence in the Arts, under the direct control of Brandis and the Ministry, which he claimed would aim to fund excellent art that better suited the tastes of Australian audiences. Individual artists were ineligible for this new program, while the major performing arts organisations, who had their current funding from the Australia Council quarantined from cuts, had access to even more.

We believe that the Minister does not recognise the importance of the entire arts ecology in Australia, and the incredible reach and impact that individual artists and the small to medium sector has. Tomorrow’s top artists don’t fall out of the sky; choreographer Joshua Lowe has greatly benefited from Australia Council programs such as ArtStart and JUMP Mentoring (which have now been cut) and the wealth of knowledge he gained has been passed on through the work he does in youth and community contexts.

When it comes to art, particularly that which is made within the community, ‘excellence’ is not the same thing as ‘valuable’.

In All Your Worth we attempted to ask you to question your values, where you place value and how this affects us all.

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