For the first time DRILL is offering the opportunity for aspiring makers to create and present their own short dance works, as a part of our inaugural Choreographic Program.

Through a new partnership with Tasdance, Artistic Director Adam Wheeler, alongside DRILL Artistic Associate Angela Barnard, will mentor young dance makers as they create and present their own short dance works. Over four weeks participants will be given space, guidance, and provocation while undertaking a choreographic exploration that is of interest to them.

In partnership with Salamanca Arts Centre, participants will be invited to use the entire building and grounds during their choreographic exploration. DRILL has been creating site-specific dance work since 2012, and our young choreographers will be encouraged to consider the alternative spaces available, and create work that is shaped by and responds to this unique Tasmanian building.

The works will be shared with invited guests, providing a supportive platform for audience engagement and feedback. DRILL will also invite a dance reviewer to give critical feedback to each choreographer.

This is a free program.

Interested participants must apply below by September 25th. If you have any questions, please contact Josh on 0408 660 748 or


Rehearsal Intensive 1
October 3rd 6pm to 8:30pm
October 4th 6pm to 8:30pm
October 5th 10am to 5pm
October 6th 10am to 5pm

Rehearsal Intensive 2
October 12th 10am to 5pm
October 13th 10am to 5pm

Performance Weekend
October 26th 10am to 5pm (rehearsals)
October 27th 10am to 5pm (performances)

Ongoing Evening Rehearsals
Between October 7th and 26th, each choreographer to negotiate


All rehearsals and sharings will be at Salamanca Arts Centre (77 Salamanca Place, Battery Point).


The Choreographic Program is aimed at young people aged 15 and up, and adults of any age, although DRILL will also consider younger participants with considerable dance experience. Applicants should have dance experience and can apply to be part of the program as a choreographer or a performer. Please note that all choreographers will also need to perform in at least one other work.


Are you applying to be a choreographer or a performer? *
Please note that all choreographers will also need to perform in the work of other choreographers.
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You must be available for most of the intensive dates (above).
You may want to include a potential title, sources of inspiration (other works, art, music, literature, people, pop culture etc), themes/concepts/ideas you are exploring, any set/costume/props, or any tasks/processes you will undertake to generate material (feel free to add links). It is important to paint a clear picture of what the piece may look like, or at least the process you will undertake to achieve it.
We cannot guarantee you will get this exact number as it depends on the availability of dancers.