Participant's Name *
Participant's Name
Parent/Carer Name *
Parent/Carer Name
(Legal guardian of the Participant)
Both the Parent/Carer and the Participant hereby agrees:
1. to participate in rehearsals, workshops and performances, subject to the direction of and supervision by the DRILL Performance Company Inc. ("the Company"), its servants, agents and/or Professional Staff as outlined in the schedule. 2. to release the Company and the Professional Staff from any legal responsibility for personal accidents or loss of personal effects including money belonging to the Participant, which is not attributable to the negligence of the Company and/or its Professional Staff. 3. (a)in the case of the participant’s accident or illness, to the Company and/or its Professional Staff seeking such medical or dental advice on behalf of the Participant as the Company and/or Professional Staff sees fit, and if in the opinion of an attending medical or dental practitioner or medical officer, the participant requires medical or dental attention or treatment including the administration of anaesthetics, blood transfusions or the performance of any surgical operation, to such being carried out if it is not possible to contact either of us within such time is considered by the medical practitioner or officer to be a reasonable period in the circumstance of the illness or accident. (b)to be responsible for and indemnify the Company in respect of all the cost of any medical and/or hospital or dental treatment referred to in 3 (a) hereof. 4. to accept the inherent dangers in participation in the activities involved in the project and to accept that these risks may result in personal injury. 5. to be responsible for the participant’s own safety during the project. 6. to not disclose any information about the project to anyone during the period of creating and performing the work. Parents/Guardians and participants need to be aware that: (a) participants are only covered by public liability insurance while participating in the project if they are injured as a result of negligence by the Company and/or Professional Staff; (b) insurance for personal accident and loss or damage of personal property is the responsibility of parents/guardians and participants; (c) the Company and/or Professional Staff are not responsible for participants prior to the commencement and following the conclusion of rehearsals and performances each day as outlined in the schedule for the project.
We have read the above conditions and hereby agree *
Name of Parent/Carer/Next of Kin *
Name of Parent/Carer/Next of Kin
Name of Emergency Contact if above is not available *
Name of Emergency Contact if above is not available
Date of last Tetanus Injection *
Date of last Tetanus Injection
(please list)
(please describe)
PANADOL: I give permission for the appropriate dosage of Panadol to be given to my child if Panadol is requested by them. *
Please read the following list and indicate if you have or have had any of the following conditions.
I hereby authorise the Company and/or professional staff to obtain such medical or dental attention as may be deemed necessary, and I understand I am responsible for any associated costs. *
I agree to allow DRILL to use photographic and video material which may contain my child's image, this year and in the future, for the purpose for the content of the work, Company marketing, publicity and promotion. *
Through participating in one of its projects, DRILL aims to offer Company members a positive and professional dance experience. DRILL expects that young people who are selected into the Company, understand that a high standard of cooperation, commitment and behaviour is expected. The professional staff engaged to work on DRILL projects cannot tolerate poor and/or inappropriate behaviour. Examples of poor and/or inappropriate behaviour include: • continual lateness to rehearsal or failure to attend rehearsal without explanation • demonstrated poor effort over a number of rehearsals • provocative or offensive language or conduct towards professional staff or other company members • damage of any kind to property • bullying or physical intimidation • intoxification • not commiting to the details in this contract
The DRILL EXCLUSION POLICY is a process that involves the following
• recording of any incident • follow up discussion with parent and company member • exclusion from the project if the behaviour is determined serious or ongoing
I understand that poor and/or inappropriate behaviour may result in my child being excluded from the project. *
What size T-Shirt is your child? *
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If you have any inquiries please contact DRILL Artistic Director Joshua Lowe on 0408 660 748 or josh@drillperformance.com.