MAY 3RD, 2017

METASYSTEMS is a series of short performance works by James Batchelor and Collaborators for theatres and public spaces. Since it began in 2014, it has toured in Australia, Europe and Asia and continues to expand as it negotiates and adapts to new contexts.

METASYSTEMS contemplates human interaction with the environment from the individual to the universal. It is an assemblage of raw building materials with the body, a rhythmic landscape of construction and movement. Documenting and translating the processes taking place at the construction site, METASYSTEMS is an observation of the changing urban landscape. It analyses the human encounter with the material world, the desire to shape it and the physical positioning of body and object.

James spent one week with DRILL in Hobart to create a new, super-scale version of METASYSTEMS on fourteen dancers.

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James Batchelor

Joshua Lowe

Aimee Schollum, Ayame Ochi, Bella Young, Chelsea King, Ebony Nichols, Elise Jackson, Gayl Koh, Jaala Jensen, Jenn Ma, Julian Bennett, Kaani Booth, Kady Mansour, Michaela Tancheff & Shani Glenn-Ward