April 26th - May 3rd 2017

METASYSTEMS is a series of short performance works by James Batchelor and Collaborators for theatres and public spaces. Since it began in 2014, it has toured in Australia, Europe and Asia and continues to expand as it negotiates and adapts to new contexts.

METASYSTEMS contemplates human interaction with the environment from the individual to the universal. It is an assemblage of raw building materials with the body, a rhythmic landscape of construction and movement. Documenting and translating the processes taking place at the construction site, METASYSTEMS is an observation of the changing urban landscape. It analyses the human encounter with the material world, the desire to shape it and the physical positioning of body and object.

James will be spending a week with DRILL in Hobart to create a new mass-version of METASYSTEMS on sixteen dancers. Participants will work intensively with James, taking daily class, learning about the process and methods behind METASYSTEMS and creating the largest incarnation of the work yet to perform for the public.

This intensive is aimed at young and pre-professional dancers, tertiary students and graduates. Participants will need to be at least 16 years old, have contemporary dance experience and be available for all rehearsals and performance times.

DATES:     Wed April 26th to Wed May 3rd 2017 (8 days)
TIMES:     Please see timetable in the info pack below
VENUE:   Ogilvie High School (228 New Town Road, New Town TAS 7008)
COST:       $150

Click here for the METASYSTEMS 2017 Info Pack (PDF)

To participate in this intensive please complete the registration form below. Once your registration has been approved, we will contact you with details on how to make your payment.


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Metasystems involved the repetitive lifting of bricks and participants need to be in a condition to handle this.