The Place Was Trashed!

Handing the choreographic reigns over to a loose canon like Angela Barnard was always going to be a risk, but rather than trash the company, she just trashed the place, and what a trashing it received. For those who joined us on opening night we’re sorry but not to blame for the freezing temperatures, and those who attended the closing, we hope you enjoyed the ambient addition to the soundtrack compliments of the panel that came loose in the roof.

This year our senior company was made up of 19 sensational young movers (including a whole new generation from our 2015 junior company) who created and performed in both our major season Trash This Place and also Destructive Feedback, our half of Convergence, a double bill with Stompin.

For those of you who were obviously hospitalised or detained in a hostage situation and missed the show, check out the video preview below. You can also see some great moments from the show frozen in time in our collection of pictographs here.