The Cast of Cold Omens

THIS IS DRILL ... 2017!

We are very excited to announce the 31 dancers (most pictured above) that make up our senior company for 2017! This truly odd group of Hobart's most quirky and creative minds (we say that with fondness) started rehearsals last week for Cold Omens, our 2017 major season. As you can see from the photo they have mixed feelings about this, ranging from joy to sheer terror.

Aeden McCarthy, Alison Palmer, Ayame Ochi, Aylasade Seaman, Chelsea King, Chloe Hansson, Corey Warner, Dayna Tyler, Emily Heathcote, Erica Campbell-Graham, Evelyn Bryan, Gabrielle Andolfatto, George Vaughan, Hamish McLeod, Jarrod Pearson, Joshua Coleman, Julian Bennett, Kaani Booth, Katelynn Curtis, Katie Palmer, Leah McCarthy, Lily Ellis, Phoebe Mayne, Ruby Flack, Sammie Lester, Shaniah Weir, Sophia Matelli, Spida Sands, Tiarna Bakowski, Zane Budd and Zoe Chilcott.