NEON Dance Workshop for Secondary Schools

During Term 1 DRILL is offering a workshop series for secondary dance students. Workshops will be designed to introduce students to the concepts and choreography of DRILL's latest major season, NEON, and provide them with tools to begin making their own sequences. This is a fantastic way to start your students' year, inspiring them with interesting contemporary movement and kickstarting their creative thinking. Workshops are led by DRILL Artistic Director, VCA graduate and choreographer, Joshua Lowe.

Students participating in the workshop will also hopefully be inspired to join our 2018 company and the cast of NEON. The call out for young dancers will take place on Saturday April 7th.

Dates: March 12th to April 5th, 2018 (excluding Easter break)
Cost: $110 per workshop

Please send workshop bookings and inquiries to Spaces are limited.