Moving East at the Clarence Plains Harvest Festival

It’s been a pretty huge week for DRILL after presenting The Stance last week for Ten Days on the Island, starting rehearsals for our major season NEON last night, and today presenting the performance of Moving East, after working for five weeks with six primary and secondary classes! 

This project, choreographed by Felicity Bott, drew its inspiration from Dust by Dancenorth, which toured to Hobart for Ten Days on the Island. Students explored some of the core inquiries of Dust, including things in their lives they inherit, and how they choose to deal with those. They also used their own set of black boxes, similar to the ones designed by Liminal Studio.

DRILL was so happy to support senior company member and Bayview Secondary College alumnus Jarrod Pearson, employing him as intern to work alongside Felicity to deliver the project.

After five weeks of rehearsals the students from South Arm, Rokeby and Clarendon Vale Primary Schools, and Bayview Secondary College came together to perform for audiences at the Clarence Plains Harvest Festival, this year held in Clarendon Vale.

Those with keen eyes will have noticed each school’s custom designed shirt, made to represent the different structures that were made throughout the piece.

Moving East was made entirely possible by funding from the Clarence City Council, and was assisted through Arts Tasmania by the Minister for the Arts.

Check out the video preview below by PRISM Media House!