METASYSTEMS is a series of short performance works by James Batchelor and Collaborators for theatres and public spaces. Since it began in 2014, it has toured in Australia, Europe and Asia and continues to expand as it negotiates and adapts to new contexts.

METASYSTEMS contemplates human interaction with the environment from the individual to the universal. It is an assemblage of raw building materials with the body, a rhythmic landscape of construction and movement. Documenting and translating the processes taking place at the construction site, METASYSTEMS is an observation of the changing urban landscape. It analyses the human encounter with the material world, the desire to shape it and the physical positioning of body and object.

James will be spending a week with DRILL in Hobart to create a new, super-scale version of METASYSTEMS on sixteen dancers.

DATE/TIME: Wednesday May 3rd, 6pm.
VENUE: Ogilvie High School (228 New Town Road, New Town)
TICKETS: $15 +bf

The Cast of Cold Omens

THIS IS DRILL ... 2017!

We are very excited to announce the 31 dancers (most pictured above) that make up our senior company for 2017! This truly odd group of Hobart's most quirky and creative minds (we say that with fondness) started rehearsals last week for Cold Omens, our 2017 major season. As you can see from the photo they have mixed feelings about this, ranging from joy to sheer terror.

Aeden McCarthy, Alison Palmer, Ayame Ochi, Aylasade Seaman, Chelsea King, Chloe Hansson, Corey Warner, Dayna Tyler, Emily Heathcote, Erica Campbell-Graham, Evelyn Bryan, Gabrielle Andolfatto, George Vaughan, Hamish McLeod, Jarrod Pearson, Joshua Coleman, Julian Bennett, Kaani Booth, Katelynn Curtis, Katie Palmer, Leah McCarthy, Lily Ellis, Phoebe Mayne, Ruby Flack, Sammie Lester, Shaniah Weir, Sophia Matelli, Spida Sands, Tiarna Bakowski, Zane Budd and Zoe Chilcott.

Studio Showing of Josh's New Solo

Black Words in Golden Speech

Josh has been invited by Institut Seni Indonesia (Sumatra) to perform a solo work at the Langgam Tari Festival next month and will be taking a new piece, Black Words in Golden Speech. Josh undertook an Asialink Residency at ISI in 2014 and is thrilled to be returning to perform. We invite you to attend a studio showing of the work in Hobart before Josh departs for Indonesia.

Friday April 7th at 6pm
Ogilvie High School (228 New Town Road, New Town TAS 7008)

Please RSVP to

Trash This Place Wins Two Errols!

There was a bit of hoo-hah at this year's Tasmanian Theatre Awards, but DRILL is proud to announce that our 2016 major season Trash This Place has been awarded two 'Errols', for Best Production and Best Design (for Designer Siobhain Geaney's work) in the Physical Theatre category!

Congratulations to choreographer Angela Barnard and the entire cast of Trash This Place! We would also like to congratulate Caitlin Comerford for being awarded Best Choreography for Face Value, Stompin's half of our double-bill, Convergence.

2017 Projects Announced!


We’re so excited to announce our 2017 major work, Cold Omens; a full-length work choreographed by Joshua Lowe. Cold Omens will distill our ongoing disregard for nature and reckless use of resources in the face a dying planet, and present a confronting new site-specific work. A call out for interested young dancers will be held in March to form the company of dancers to perform the season in August.

Click here for more information and to register!


Our good friend James Batchelor will once again be visiting the island to create a super-scale version of his work METASYSTEMS on DRILL. This rehearsal intensive will be open to all young dancers and registrations will open in the new year - stay tuned! Click here to find out more about METASYSTEMS and see vids of previous incarnations.

Click here for more information and to register!


DRILL will be back in schools in 2017, working on our third annual Primary Dance Program in Term 2 and offering a workshop program for secondary schools in Term 1 in the lead up to Cold Omens. If you want to see an example of our work in schools, have a look at this video preview of CONNECT4 (2015).

New Opportunities Page!

We’ve added a new ‘Opportunities’ page to the website as a handy go-to for professional development, performance and profiling opportunities for Tasmanian-based dance artists. If you know of something that you think should be on the page, please shoot an email through to with the details! Check out one of the things included below …

Check out 'Dancing 'Round' by Josh!

Most will know that in 2015/16 I took some time off to travel the world, including backpacking through Asia, wintering in New York, living in London, campervanning in Iceland and then backpacking in Asia some more. But part of my trip was also professional development supported by an Arts Tasmania Professional Development Fellowship and while overseas I was lucky enough to take part in a Gaga technique intensive with Bat Sheva, take classes in London, undertake a residency at PAF in France and spend a week with ilDance in Sweden (they’re the ones coming to Melbourne in January)! As a dance artist in Tasmania who is constantly teaching and working with young people, this was the perfect opportunity to recharge and reinspire myself and I’m excited to pass on the knowledge through next year’s programs.

The most exciting part of my time away was my seven week motorcycle camping/road trip through Europe and the UK. Along the way I decided to make a little project as an extension of last year’s Josh’s Morning Dances, and film some dancing on location. Check out the video below!

- Josh.

The Place Was Trashed!

Handing the choreographic reigns over to a loose canon like Angela Barnard was always going to be a risk, but rather than trash the company, she just trashed the place, and what a trashing it received. For those who joined us on opening night we’re sorry but not to blame for the freezing temperatures, and those who attended the closing, we hope you enjoyed the ambient addition to the soundtrack compliments of the panel that came loose in the roof.

This year our senior company was made up of 19 sensational young movers (including a whole new generation from our 2015 junior company) who created and performed in both our major season Trash This Place and also Destructive Feedback, our half of Convergence, a double bill with Stompin.

For those of you who were obviously hospitalised or detained in a hostage situation and missed the show, check out the video preview below. You can also see some great moments from the show frozen in time in our collection of pictographs here.

Convergence: A double-bill with Stompin!

Convergence sees Tasmania’s two youth dance companies come together for the first time. DRILL and Stompin hit the floor with a collection of new works featuring young Tasmanian dancers from Launceston and Hobart. Told with generosity, humour and vigour, this performance demonstrates the power and potential of our youngest generation of movers.

Wednesday September 21st at 7pm
Thursday September 22nd at 7pm

Moonah Arts Centre
23 -­ 27 Albert Road, Moonah

Trash This Place: Tickets On Sale!

Featuring a cast of local young performers, Trash This Place is DRILL's 2016 major season of exciting, fresh contemporary work by choreographer Angela Barnard.

Wednesday October 12th
Thursday October 13th
Friday October 14th
Saturday October 15th at 7:00pm

EARLY BIRD: Book before October 7th and receive general admission tickets for $15 (usually $20) and children under 6 free (usually $5)!