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Joshua Lowe

Angela Barnard, Caitlin Comerford & Gabriel Comerford.

Aeden McCarthy, Alison Palmer, Ayame Ochi, Ayla-Sade Seaman, Belle Hilder, Bianca Weir, Chloe Hansson, Cooper Orchard-Skey, Dayna Tyler, Ebony Nichols, Ella Martin, Ella Taylor, Emillie Butler, Emily Heathcote, Erica Campbell-Graham, Eshe Linnell, Evelyn Bryan, Gabby Martin, George Vaughan, Hannah Vermeulen, Jarrod Pearson, Jesper Harrison, Joshua McKinnon, Josie Bradshaw, Kaani Booth, Katelynn Curtis, Katie Palmer, Lana Lester-Thomas, Lawrence Ellis, Leah McCarthy, Lisa Stautmeister, Mae Ganambarr, Margaret Lawrence, Ruby Howard, Sage Price, Sammie Lester, Shaniah Weir, Tiarna Bakowski, Toby McKnight, Zoe Chilcott, Zoe Harrison & Zoe Howard.


Our three-part season, Nothing/Something/Everything, was an exercise in risk and experimentation, as our young company members explore the possibilities of improvisational dance practice. Each work had its own unique focus, with Something asking the dancers to interact with TMAG patrons in order to form the work.

For the uninitiated, an improvised performance means everything you see is made up on the spot. While in Nothing there was no framework, for Something we built a loose structure throughout the day, which the dancers respond to. This means while the structure is set, the movement and decisions were still entirely spontaneous.

"Tonight’s performance is a biography of TMAG's central gallery, today. Almost every person that has passed through has contributed something; an idea, a suggestion, a song, a drawing, a movement, or just inspiration. If we did this work again tomorrow it would be completely different."

A massive thank you to Michael McLaughlin and the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery for hosting us, and to our friends from Stompin who spent the day creating and performing with us!