Lesley Graham


Lesley has been working in this role in an unofficial capacity since the company moved to Hobart in 2012. She brings to the Board her considerable experience in dance education, connection and access to national and local networks and resources, a passion to see growth in dance in Hobart and intimate knowledge of DRILL’s history.


Frank Hsueh


Frank is a chartered accountant and Director at Macquarie Accounting in Hobart. He graduated with a Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Information Systems, and worked in various IT positions in Tasmania before becoming an accountant. Although new to the world of dance, Frank is passionate about supporting opportunities in the arts for young people.


Ayame Ochi

Secretary & Dancer's Representative

Ayame is currently studying medicine at UTas and has been a dedicated company member since 2012, performing with DRILL numerous times. As an intelligent, articulate and passionate young woman, and well-liked by the other participants, she serves the Board as an ideal dancers representative.


Carin Mistry

Industry Representative

Carin is the Executive Director of the Australian Script Centre/AustralianPlays.org. Since moving from the UK 20 years ago, she has worked in a range of leadership, program and policy development roles for the Australia Council for the Arts, including Director of Dance. Carin makes use of her significant networks and experience to keep DRILL connected to the national dance industry.


Sally Mollison

Local Representative

Sally has a lifetime of experience working in roles in the education and community sector including QVMAG, The Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra and Ten Days on the Island, and has served on multiple boards. Her extensive involvement and connections within the community help her serve as an ideal adviser and advocate for DRILL.