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Nothing / Something / Everything


DRILL in association with the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery and the Resource Work Cooperative presents Nothing / Something / Everything, a season of three site-specific, improvised dance performances.

$45 Season Pass / $20 Each

Saturday April 28th at 5pm
Upper Domain Road Carpark
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Performed atop the reservoirs at the Queen's Domain, the company of dancers will offer audiences nothing except their movement. Backed by views of kunanyi/My Wellington, the Derwent River and the Hobart cityscape, we invite you enjoy a unique and stripped back performance.

Saturday May 26th at 5pm
TMAG (Dunn Place, Hobart)
DRILL we be in residence at TMAG for the day, asking museum visitors to contribute something; a song, an idea, a movement, a prop, a line, a story. Some things will be kept, and some things will be discarded. What is performed that evening will be a culmination of echoes of the things that have been offered throughout the day.
* Featuring special guests from Stompin

Sunday December 9th at 5pm
Resource Work Cooperative (31a Mcrobies Road, South Hobart)
A culmination of the year's work for DRILL, this performance will aptly take place at the Resource Work Cooperative where everything is repurposed, recycled and recreated.

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