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Angela Barnard

Joshua Lowe

Technical Manager
Siobhain Geaney

Company Members
Aeden McCarthy, Annie Burt, Ayame Ochi, Bella Cannon, Charlotte Dandeker, Chelsea King, Claire Thompson, Daniel Graham, Erica Campbell-Graham, Gracie-Lee Thorpe, Katelynn Curtis, Katie Palmer, Kaani Booth, Kiarn Martelli, Leah McCarthy, Sammie Lester, Tiarna Bakowski, Zachary van Tienen & Zoe Chilcott.

OCTOBER 12TH - 15TH, 2016

Featuring a cast of 19 local young performers, Trash This Place was DRILL's 2016 major season of exciting, fresh contemporary work by choreographer Angela Barnard. This work, made in collaboration with our senior company members, followed on from REBELLION (2013) and Radical Kid (2015), winner of two Tasmanian Theatre Awards.

Trash This Place explores cultures of self-destruction, highlighting and responding to the growing awareness of how we trash our bodies and our planet. In the work the dancers became the visual mess, the chaos, the calamity of stuff. They were the embodiment of the collective vomit of ideas that were generated; the trash and the treasure, the beautiful and the useless. Trash This Place explored trashing our minds, our bodies, even our artform - and thenthe potential of the trash itself. This dance piece was trash. It had to be. We couldn’t make a piece called Trash This Place and allow it to be a thing of splendour.